GRE Subject Tests

The GRE Subject Tests are exams created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to measure a graduate student's knowledge of particular academic areas. The exams may be requested by colleges and universities to show proficiency in the specific degree path the student has chosen as well as an additional way to compare graduate students. There are 7 different GRE Subject Tests.

GRE Subject Test Basics

The GRE Subject Tests are offered three times per year. Currently the tests are offered in September, October, and April.

Each GRE Subject Test is 2 hours and 50 minutes long.

Registration for a GRE Subject Test costs $150. Low-income students can request a fee reduction of 50%.

The GRE Subject Tests are offered at testing centers around the world.

To register for a GRE Subject Test you will need an ETS Account. Students can register for a GRE Subject Test either online or by mail.

What Is On The GRE Subject Tests

The subject tests are content-specific to evaluate knowledge in a given area. The number of questions for each specific area vary.

How the GRE Subject Tests Are Scored

Each GRE Subject Test is scored on the same 200-990 point scale. Incorrect answers on the GRE Subject Tests are penalized. Students lose a fraction of a point for every incorrect answer. There are no penalties for a question left blank, so random guessing is discouraged on the GRE Subject Tests.

Retaking the GRE Subject Tests

ETS offers Score Select, which allows students to choose their best overall score for each GRE Subject Test to send to graduate admissions departments. GRE Subject Tests can also be retaken as often as the student feels necessary.

List of GRE Subject Tests

Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology
Literature in English


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