How Parents Can Get More Involved

Your child's performance in high school determines which colleges they get into as well as the eligibility for many scholarships. That's why it's important for you to get involved in your child's academic studies and extracurricular activities. Here are a few engaging ways to get more involved in your child's school day during these important years.

Talk about Your Child's Day

Make it a habit to discuss the day's events as a family rather than relying on a barrage of questions that will simply get "fine" or "it was ok" as a response. Choose a place and time at the end of the day for everyone in the family to take turns talking about their day while the rest of the family listens. Questions can be invited and problems tackled once the family member is done talking about the highs and lows, if any, of their day. This kind of communication builds trust and provides a way for teenagers to approach parents with any trouble they may be having in school. It will also teach them to accept and lean on the support of others.

Get Involved in Your Child's Studies

As a parent, you will constantly be relied upon for homework help but don’t wait to be asked. Take a more active role in what they are learning. Reviewing their homework at night even if you didn’t need to provide help is great way to show your child you take their studies seriously. If your child is learning something that you know nothing about, ask them to tell you about it or teach you how to do it. By getting as involved as you can with their studies in fun ways, your added support will set them up for success.

Keep Communication Lines Open with Teachers

Right from the beginning, it is a good idea to talk with your child's teachers. Offer them your support and let them know that you are involved in your child's studies and would like to be informed if there are any problems that need to be addressed. Establish a rapport with your child's teachers rather than waiting until a problem arises and this will make everyone better prepared to react to any issues regarding their grades or behavior.

Reach Out to Their College Counselor

Your child will be expected to meet with a college counselor who will help them with their college search as well as the admission process once the list is narrowed down. While this is something your child typically does on their own, you can still get involved by reaching out to the counselor if you have any questions that your child can not clarify.

Ensuring a spot in a reputable college after graduating from high school is something a child can begin doing early in their academic career. The goal is to get good grades and participate in extracurricular activities - areas where attentive parents can play a significant role.


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